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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Table and chairs in Backyard Party
Backyard Party

It's funny how little things can either make or break a party. Sometimes, what might seem to be obviously important points can be missed or neglected. The result is a party that's a bit off. As a jazz band in Tampa Bay FL we've learned some things that work. Here are our top five backyard party tips:

1. If your party is going to go into the evening, make sure that you have adequate lighting. We always carry our own for music reading, but your guests will enjoy themselves more if they can clearly see each other after sundown! It's really interesting how this point is often missed.

2. In the Tampa Bay area it can get a bit cool after dark even in the winter and sometimes early spring. Nothing puts a "chill" on your party like cold guests. Portable outside heaters can be rented from party planning establishments.

3. Discuss with the band leader the demographics of your guests and plan out the music. If your party is to celebrate an individual for a birthday or accomplishment, add some songs that you know that they'll like, or at least the style that they favor. Do your guests want to dance too? Make sure that the musicians can adopt to the "vibe" of the event and change on a dime if they have to.

4. Band placement can be important. In many backyard parties the party is really outside and inside the home. It's a good idea to place the band where the music will entertain both segments of guests.

5. Make sure that there are trash receptacles readily available outside. I can't tell you how many times we've seen guests walking around with empty plates and cups wondering where to dispose of them.

Keep those points in and have a rocking party! For hiring a jazz band for your Backyard Party, Consider Harrison Jazz Band in Tampa.

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