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It may seem a bit early, but he holiday season sill soon be upon us, and it's time to start planning to make your family or corporate party gatherings and events extra special!

As a jazz band for hire in the greater Tampa area, we’ve learned that there are some things one should do whether you're an event planner or a holiday host, to ensure the holiday celebration you’re planning is a hit.

1. Plan Ahead!

Begin your preparations NOW for your holiday parties. It may seem that you “have time”, but this is the time when jazz bands like Harrison Jazz Ensemble in the Tampa area get booked.

You’ll find the same situation with venues too.

2. Consult with your band to create a music playlist

Some guests enjoy traditional Christmas carols like “Away in the Manger” and others prefer to have non-religious but holiday favorites like “Frosty the Snowman” and “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, So sort this out with your band to create music that everyone will enjoy.

Don’t have your playlist be only holiday music. After performing for countless parties, we’ve found that people still like variety and get bored. So mix it up with fun songs they might know


A good jazz band can add a fun and happy twist to even traditional holiday songs.

3. Christmas Caroling

It’s often quite a lot of fun when guests want to gather around the band and sing holiday songs.

Sometimes people are a bit shy at first, but if you have a few “ringers” in the crowd who come up and start with the band, you’ll often find that more people join and it can be a really fun highlight of the evening.

4. Create Your Own Fun “Twelve Days of Christmas” Song

This can be one of the most popular and funny things especially at a corporate holiday party or family gathering.

Get with a few people and brainstorm the 12 thing gag things that “your true gave to me” for the 12 verses of he original song. Make these relevant and unique to your company or family. Print up the lyrics and get everyone to sing.

Make sure you have an especially funny one for the “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS” part of the song. Guaranteed a lot of fun.

5. Select Seasoned Jazz Musicians

Choose a seasoned jazz band like Tampa jazz band, Harrison Jazz Ensemble to ensure you have the best musicians who can adapt to your event's specific needs.

Experienced musicians guarantee a seamless and professional performance that resonates with your audience.

If you’re planning a party we’d love to learn more about your vision and see if we might be a good fit to help. Contact us here for a free Holiday Party Music Consultation.

Here’s to having a great holiday party!

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