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Five Tips on How to Throw a Great Roaring Twenties Party!

Updated: May 22, 2023

Harrison Jazz Band in Tampa Florida
Harrison Jazz Band in Tampa Florida

Ever think about throwing a Twenties party for your club, organization or association? Think it's a great idea, but not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck! We have curated some tips to throw a great twenties party.

As a jazz band for hire in the Tampa area, we’ve performed at many such events. In fact, above is a picture with our band, The Harrison Jazz Band and some guests, from a private party in Tampa very recently. I’m in the white straw hat on the left!

Here’s five quick tips from our experience to make your 1920’s event memorable and most of all fun!

1. Hire a jazz band like The Harrison Jazz Ensemble, that knows jazz music from the Roaring Twenties era. Some of the favorites from that time are “Ain’t She Sweet”, “Ain’t Misbehaving” “Tea For Two”, and of course, the ultimate 20’s hit. “The Charleston”

2. Make sure that you and your guests are dressed in Twenties style. It was an elegant look, with sharp back tuxedos for women and “flapper” dresses for women, often adorned with long pearls and cute hats. The great news is that your guests can find these outfits on ebay and Amazon really inexpensively; as little as $60.

Here's a few examples:

3. If your budget allows, consider hiring a dance instructor to teach your guests how to dance in the 20’s style. Very likely he or she will teach your guests how to dance the “Charleston” which is easy to learn and a lot of fun! Your guests will love it.

4. If you want to add a fun touch from the Prohibition Era, print the “password” on your invitations and have your guests have to say it to get into the party area. This comes from the period when there would be underground clubs where liquor was served illegally, and you could only enter with a password. It’s fun!

5. Finally, consider having a contest for the best costume male and female. Let your guests nominate 3 of each sex. Then have each person come before the group and model. Encourage your guests to applaud and shout for the best and proclaim the best dressed man and best dressed woman. Give them a fun gag prize for winning. Your guests will love it!

These 5 tips will go a long way to make your event a success, but we have other ideas too and would love to talk with you to help you achieve your vision.

Contact us for free consultation.

Can’t wait to help you make your Roaring Twenties event a roaring success!

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