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Celebrate Valentine's Day With Jazz

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Valentine's Day, the celebration of love, a custom since the early Rome, is approaching fast.

Here are a few ideas how to celebrate love and your loved ones:

Start your celebration by making DIY cards for all the people (and pets) in your life you love. Supplies can be gotten in art supply stores.

While engaging in crafts, remember to bring decoration for this special occasion, like balloons, round and heart shaped and cardboard and paper in red, pink and white.

Create or get chocolate covered strawberries, candy and chocolate in the color theme of Valentine's Day.

As far as foods go, Pizza in the shape of a heart, would be a big hit to consider, as most of the people love pizza but probably have never eaten one in a heart shape.

When setting the scene for a romantic event, music is one of the most important ingredients.

The light sound of piano and saxophone, sets just the right tone for everyone to relax and enjoy.

Listen to your favorite tunes from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra.

Whether you like smooth jazz or upbeat tunes, your jazz band will set the right ambience and help to make your love celebration a full success.

Announcements can be made by microphone of lasting love bonds and couples can share their love story and confess what they love most in each other all new.

The Harrison Jazz Ensemble, a jazz band in the greater Tampa Bay area, and and Roger Harrison a solo performer, can create just the right music for your unique event of love.

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