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Updated: May 22

Next in our blog about the wedding ceremony we continue with THE KISS.


Now comes one of the most anticipated moments of the whole ceremony. The officiant will say: “You may now kiss the bride!” You seal your marriage with a kiss and are officially married!


A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual woven into the wedding ceremony.


If you are planning on having a unity ceremony, depending on the type you choose, this can be a good time to incorporate it! Some unity ceremony ideas are the mixing of two different colors of sand or water to symbolize two becoming one or a candle lighting.

Here are 13 ideas for unity ceremonies, you might like:


The officiant will end the ceremony with a few closing words. For a religious ceremony, he or she will also include a blessing for the couple to have a long and happy marriage.


The music played as the wedding party is leaving the wedding ceremony.

The word is oftentimes used to describe the actual recession, the ceremonial exit of the ‘just married’ couple at the end of the wedding ceremony.


This is where the officiant pronounces you married and turns to the guests to introduce the married couple for the first time; and encourages guests to applaud and celebrate the newlyweds. The wedding party and the newlyweds walk down the aisle in reverse order of which they came in. Flower girls usually sprinkle petals as they walk down the aisle, or guests can be given rice to throw at the couple as they walk past.

Now as the official part is ended, the party can begin!

The Harrison Jazz Ensemble, a jazz band in the greater Tampa Bay area and Roger Harrison, piano player and singer, having helped hundreds of couples tie the bond with music, can help with music and song choices at your wedding celebration too!

Follow us in our next blog about the wedding celebration.

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