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Top Five Ways Couples Spend TOO MUCH $$ On Their Wedding

Updated: Jul 5

Getting married is an exciting time! There are so many details to take care of and urgent matters to tend to that it can seem like the couple is on a carousel.

Yet during this busy season it’s really important to be aware of money issues that can crop up and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. So to avoid this, here’s the top five budgeting mistakes that busy couples too often make:

1. Not Having a Budget:

In many instances couples “wing it” and never actually set a realistic budget from the start. They don’t establish limits and don’t have a clear financial plan.

They simply excitedly pick purchases or commit to one item after the other, only to find that they are horribly in debt or worse don’t have enough money for TRULY important aspects of the wedding.

2. Not Accounting For the Little Things:

Couples tend to focus on major expenses like the venue, catering, and attire while overlooking smaller costs such as decorations, favors, and transportation. These small expenses can quickly add up and blow the budget if not accounted for properly.

3. Failing to prioritize:

If a couple fails to set clear priorities, they may splurge on unnecessary impulse items while neglecting to provide for key wedding elements that are really important. This leads to regret, disappointment, and financial stress.

4. Underestimating costs:

Wedding expenses can easily surpass initial estimates, especially when unforeseen expenses arise. Couples might forget to include taxes, tips, or extra fees from vendors, leading to a budget shortfall.

5. Trying to impress or please everyone:

The wedding is a scared covenant between a couple.

Yet too often these couples feel pressure to overspend to impress or accommodate the wishes of family members or friends. This leads them to make costly purchases they can’t afford.

Some examples would be an inflated guest list, a too expensive venue, or an overly extravagant meal.

The result is a big strain on the budget and financial problems long after the wedding is over.

What to Do to Avoid $ Problems:

To avoid these mistakes, couples should have open and honest discussions about their budget, prioritize their must-haves, and stay disciplined throughout the planning process.

Being realistic about their financial situation and setting clear boundaries will make the wedding planning experience more enjoyable and less stressful, and the couple can start their new life on sound financial footing, instead of a mountain of debt!

We Can Help!

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