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Are you wondering how you can make your upcoming wedding ceremony unique and memorable for both you and your guests?

Do you feel that every wedding you've attended is "cookie cutter" with classical strings playing the same traditional songs like "Here Comes The Bride"? While you've probably enjoyed these and appreciated their beauty, did they leave you a bit bored?

Well, if you're looking to create a fresh and memorable ceremony then consider using jazz music to accent your most special day.

Why jazz music? Well classic jazz springs directly from the music of the Great American Songbook. These were songs that were originally created in the 40's and 30's for stage shows and musicals of the time. Very often the themes of these shows were romance, so the songs very typically celebrate love.

In addition, jazz performed by seasoned professionals like Harrison Jazz Ensemble is classy, elegant and romantic, adding just the right level of sophistications and beauty that will set your event apart.

Here's five jazz songs that will guaranteed make your wedding the envy of your friends and guests. Click the titles to hear songs on YouTube links if you're not familiar with some of them:

1. My One and Only Love - Recorded in the mid 60's by saxophonist John Coltrane and singer Johnny Hartman.

2. The Way You Look Tonight - Recorded y Frank Sinatra. Perfect for the bridal entrance.

3. Come Away With Me Very moving and sensitive lyrics from Norah Jones. Excellent for several parts of a ceremony.

4. L-O-V-E Recorded by Nat King Cole. Fun, romantic and upbeat it's an excellent post kiss end of ceremony song.

5. Fly Me To The Moon An all around fun and romantic song that will wo for the preamble, bridal entrance and recessional.

One of the great things about this music is that there are dozens of other songs that are also great. You can download our Ultimate Jazz Wedding Playlist here for more suggestions.

We're also available for a consult to help you select songs and learn more about your vision for you special day. Click here to set up a brief chat. We'd love to help!

Make your special day event more special by "jazzing it up"!


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